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Best SEO copywriters in Hungary and search optimization consultants

Who is the best Hungarian SEO consultant?

You are probably searching for the best SEO consultants in Hungary to help with your projects. We're going to review the landscape of Hungarian SEO in 2015. What's up with Hungarian SEO consulting in Budapest and beyond? Let's dive right in! 

The ultimate goal of an SEO consultant is to drive more traffic to customer's website. Free and organic traffic from the search engines, that is. 

Successful SEO consultants in Hungary are known for their positive impact and some wonderful results that they were able to demonstrate during the years. Today, to be found in the search engines for top keywords is a highest priority for almost any business and company in Hungary and around the globe as a whole. 

Organic SEO consultant in Budapest HungaryWe know from experience that good SEO is essential for any business online. It's a goldmine for the ones that have made it or a disaster for ones that have failed it. 

Many company leaders in Hungary are asking themselves, their colleagues and acquaintances the same questions every day - "How can we improve our SEO" ? How can we increase online sales of our products? How can we boost and multiply orders made on our site? How can we improve our conversions? These questions are asked by the best company leaders because this is the key to success of their business. Best SEO consultants in Hungary know how to drive traffic to websites and webshops. If you are trying to find a competent SEO consultant in Budapest that speaks English, there is a chance that your time will be spent in vain, because from experience, it's not easy to find great english-speaking SEO consultants in Budapest Hungary.

If your company is hiring an SEO consultant in Hungary, then you better make sure that they know what they're doing. Choosing an SEO consultant isn't easy, especially for the inexperienced in this field. Our goal is to simplify your search for the best SEO consultant in Hungary and make the connection between you and the best Hungarian SEO companies. Just ask us for it.

English-speaking SEO consultants in Hungary are a little bit scarce. SEO experts that can boost up your business and drive lots of traffic to your website or webshop are something your company needs as a fact. Let's see how to find the best Hungarian seo consultant specialist in Budapest Hungary.

What does a Hungarian SEO consultant do?

What makes the best SEO experts in Hungary? Is it smart SEO copywriting?The best SEO professional in Hungary, comes in and applies magic tricks and some ancient (well, modern) wisdom that increases your traffic and cash in your pockets and your company bank account and also makes happy customers in your company multiply like they've been searching for you all of their lives and now they just found you. The best Hungarian SEO consultants are doing this by applying their knowledge and business skills, researching the market for competitors and the best keywords to use on your site that will be passed along to the SEO copywriter(s). 

What makes the best SEO experts in Hungary?

In our opinion, and boy do we have one! the best SEO consultant in Hungary should possess the following qualifications and skills:

First of all, languages. The best SEO consultant in Hungary, obviously has to speak English. After all, English has been from the start and is the main language of global IT industry nowadays and in the near future. The best SEO expert in Hungary will never be "best in Hungary" if he does not speak Hungarian and has a deep and intimate knowledge of the Hungarian web and the Hungarian Internet landscape as a whole as it was over time and today. So, first main quality towards the title of "best SEO consultant in Hungary" is their ability to speak English and Hungarian languages at the same time. This is essential. Then goes the following:

In addition to their ability to speak English and Hungarian language, their knowledge of the Hungarian market online and some of the top and successful Hungarian brands, there is the technical aspect. Many SEO consultants in Hungary have appeared in the first years of 2000 but are lacking the most essential knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript and server side programming in the modern world wide web. Like, they have heard of some very important HTML tags, but can't tell a client-side script from a server-side language. Is this a quality that a great SEO consultant can live without? Maybe back in the days, when the main factor to high rankings on Google were lots of good links, but not anymore. Today, the great SEO consultant has to understand so many technical details that it would almost make him a scientist. No kidding. Here's a short list:

SEO professional is like a scientistThe exceptional SEO consultant needs to know about HTML tags. Each one of them and their implications within the HTML page.  HTML4, HTML5 - what's the difference? Page title (the <Title> tag). Title is top priority, but it's the easy one (Actually not).  H1 tag... hmm.. yes. H2 tag. H3 tag ? how many of them are out there? 6, maybe 8? Who needs them and when? Please wait, we're just starting... 

XML sitemaps, robots.txt, keyword density, information architecture, user experience and navigation, HTML to text ratio,  overall site performance (how many HTTP requests are being made), HTTP caching,  mobile friendliness of all types (responsive design? a separate website? adaptive design? - what the heck is the difference?), how can cookies affect user experience in relation with SEO  and your site? (When people are signed in, for example).  What is considered cloaking? What HTTP headers are being sent by your pages? Then goes some semantic markup (like and the Microformats) and special meta tags (Dublin Core, anyone? What about Open Graph?) Lexicography. (aha, what?) Did you ever hear an SEO expert mention any of these ? If not, then probably you still haven't met one, because there is more. Much more. Like here's one: Can Google index Javascript ? Yes? Exactly how and in what cases. What are "nofollow" tags and when to use them ? What's the correlation of the two? Ugh. All that stuff. Probably took an Expert SEO some time to learn and get hands-on experience. Where can we find an SEO consultant in Budapest Hungary that has at least some of the above technical qualifications ?

What are SEO consultant's responsibilities?

Responsible SEO consultants and true SEO experts, in our opinion do have their responsibilities defined clearly enough to present in this list: The SEO consultant will have a routine for your site(s). 

SEO consultant loves your site like a babyHe has to take care of your site as if it was a wonderful baby, a beautiful and fragile flower, or plant that needs love and constant caring attention.

The great SEO consultant will routinely check and monitor your site's state in Google webmaster tools. The SEO expert would know every page of your site and it's purpose. The SEO professional will check for broken links on your site and make and submit a new XML site map to Google every Monday or Tuesday. All by himself. He'll make sure there's no single misspelling. Or perhaps on the contrary, some would make sure there's a couple misspellings :) (But of course this is not recommended)

A responsible SEO consultant will monitor your Google Analytics account for abnormal activities and special events (that he has helped to define). He will constantly look at your content in attempts to increase relevancy and usefulness, make sure there's no problems, mispellings and pages with no valuable content. He will make sure that your site corresponds to Google webmaster guidelines and passes all the quality tests.SEO quality control approval Is your site mobile friendly ? Is your site loading fast? The great SEO expert in Hungary will be able to write beautiful "meta description" tags in English and in Hungarian. He would be willing to do so. Those are the basics. Oh, yes, btw... do you have meta description tags on each of your pages?

Another important responsibility of the SEO consultant is to monitor your competitors for new keywords that THEY rank for, not you.. in order to ensure your success in the long term. Monitoring competitor websites is essential for understanding of your own state of affairs. Then the responsible SEO consultant will make his priority to notify you of some important mismatches between you and your competition. He will try to make sure that you are the king of the castle.  We also think that an SEO consultant has to create reports for the management that are easy to read and understand. And also to share his vision and plans for the future.

Is SEO consultant and SEO copywriter the same thing?

If you have read a couple of paragraphs above, about the technical qualifications that we deem as required for the "best SEO consultant" title, then the quick answer is obviously, NO. SEO consultant and SEO copywriter are not the same. SEO copywriter is an SEO professional that has great writing skills, understands the domain of your business, is creative and talented.

This is what makes a great SEO copywriter. An SEO copywriter is a trained and experienced online marketing specialist. And most of his skills are applied in writing. This is where the languages come handy again. Hungarian SEO copywriters must write in Hungarian (right?) and some Hungarian SEO writers can do beautiful marketing copy in English. An SEO copywriter basically does not have to check your Google webmaster tools pages and most of the technical knowledge and tasks that were described in "What makes the best SEO expert in Hungary". SEO copywriter is working his magic with marketing text. So that's either one super-talented person "Many in one", or two persons at least. (To make it clear)

What are the SEO consultant rates in Hungary 2015 ?

Let's try to find out how much does a seo consultant in Hungary cost? Hiring an SEO consultant per hour is possible and makes sense if all you need is a quick list of suggestions on how to save your sinking boat or, how to make it float in the big ocean, without becoming junk food for the sharks, if you know what we mean. SEO consultant hourly rates in Budapest are within a reasonable range, comparing with other countries of the European Union. SEO consultant rates Budapest 2015: (to be updated)

We will have to continue with this topic as well as the topics mentioned below in a short time:

Who needs help with choosing an SEO consultant? How to choose a good SEO consultant in Hungary? This is the main topic of our discussion. Questions to ask a SEO consultant from Hungary.

What is the goal of the best SEO copywriter?

SEO consultant Budapest? Like, weren't you looking for some SEO consultants in Hungary? or perhaps an SEO consulting company in Budapest Hungary that speaks English? Or in the worst case, for the best SEO copywriting company in all Hungary? Are you reading this based on your finding on Google ? Where's the top ten list of the best SEO consultants in Hungary? Well, there is none, becase "you are lucky"!

SEO Sneaky marketing is officially coined as a term at Micora.Net in May 1, 2015You just landed on the website of top Hungarian SEO copywriting company, that knows some black magic. Like really some dark and ancient tricks that have probably made all humanity suffer. As of today, we officially call it the "sneaky marketing" (that gives you the fruits). Or is it a blessing that only the chosen ones may possess? :) The goal of the best SEO copywriter in Hungary is to make sure that whatever he writes will be found by people who search for this stuff every day. In Hungarian language and English. Online.

Our goal with this extensive review of some qualities to look for in a Hungarian SEO consultant is to help find the best SEO consultant for small business in Hungary. To shed light on the latest in SEO copywriting services Hungary in 2015.

Some additional useful information will be provided soon on the following topics:

1. SEO copywriting course and SEO copywriting training

2. SEO copywriting agencies in Hungary and which one is considered the best SEO copywriting agency in Hungary?

3. We will attempt to help you to land an SEO copywriting job in Hungary where you can be creative with friendly writing of text or seo content marketing online.

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5. We will describe some of the SEO copywriting jobs in Hungary.

Are you looking for an SEO copywriting job in Budapest, or in Hungary as a whole? We would hire top-notch SEO copywriters for interesting and long-lasting jobs in Hungary. A great possibility to work from home and earn extra income.

We hope that you liked our thoughts on the best of Hungarian SEO consulting companies online. In a thousand words and +1.