Say Hello to Your New Web Ally

Who we are

Welcome to Micora.NET, your trusted partner in the journey from digital conception to reality.

Born in the early 2000s in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, we are a boutique web development firm specializing in creating bespoke solutions.

Founded by Denis Volovik, a Microsoft certified developer with over 20 years of experience, our firm was created with a commitment to blend technical expertise with a personal touch.

Driven by a passion for web technologies and a dedication to excellence, we ensure that every project shines to its fullest potential.

Our name, 'Micora', is inspired by luminance and enlightenment, drawing from words that mean light and brilliance - because we bring bright ideas to life.

What we do

We specialize in creating custom e-commerce platforms and CMS solutions that fit business needs or unique project requirements. Utilizing the latest .NET technologies, we deliver effective and modern applications. Beyond project completion, we provide ongoing support and consultancy to ensure systems remain up to date.

  • Web Development: We transform visions into reality with end-to-end web development services tailored to specific needs.
  • E-commerce Solutions: From bespoke webshops to full-featured marketplaces, we create custom e-commerce solutions, equipped with integrated payment systems, services and tailored features.
  • Specialized Solutions: We develop complex back-end systems, APIs, scalable cloud-native solutions, complemented by machine learning, AI integration, localization, and data management services.
  • Continuous Partnership: We offer a supportive partnership, providing updates, consultancy, and maintenance to navigate the evolving digital landscape together.

Why choose us

Choosing Micora.NET means opting for a partner who values your success as much as you do. We are dedicated to honesty, transparency, and a personalized approach that turns first-time clients into long-term partners. Our boutique setup allows us to give focused attention to each project, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Bright ideas and professional .NET development come together here - let’s build something great!

Partner With Us

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