ShopShell: Webshop Management Platform

ShopShell is a webshop management platform built on modern .NET Core technology. It enables easy management of online stores, from basic shops to extensive, multi-level retail operations with millions of products and categories. The platform offers all the necessary tools to run a webshop effectively.

ShopShell provides an easy to use interface for efficient management of product inventories, customer orders, and product categories, simplifying the day to day operations of online retail.

We offer ShopShell as part of our standardized e-commerce solutions, continually updated to meet the evolving demands of the digital marketplace. It integrates with various business models, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

The front-end of each webshop can be custom-developed in collaboration with our clients, using options ranging from tailored web templates to completely custom designs.

ShopShell is a straightforward and powerful tool designed to efficiently manage modern online shops, addressing the diverse needs of today's e-commerce businesses.

ShopShell-based webshops integrate advanced AI technology to refine product selections, elevate the shopping experience, and boost conversion rates, keeping webshops at the cutting edge of e-commerce.

ShopShell powers modern online shops with innovation and efficiency

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