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Website audits - Technical, SEO, User Experience and Security audits

Does your site stand a chance against others?

SEO audit company and SEO consultant in HungaryWe perform various types of website audits. Eventually this results in one extensive audit of your website that includes a technical audit, on-page SEO, external factors, usability and security. We'll look at everything.

These days all factors influence each other. Websites should be fast, secure, easy to read with interesting content that offers value and pleasure to your visitors.

The primary purpose of our audit process is to assess multiple factors of your website that have effect on:

1. Search engine performance - What kind of traffic are you getting? Is it enough? How to increase it?
Best SEO consultants in Hungary are at your service.

2. Conversion of visitors to real purchasing, loyal clients - You may be getting lots of traffic from the search engines, but for some reason your conversion rates are lower than expected? Bounce rate is too high? 

Site audit company HungaryAs soon as visitors can find you on the search engine and circumstances lead them to click on your link (among the others), they need less than half a second to make their first impression of your site. That is assuming that they didn't have to wait for it to load and left for good before it opened.

During those first moments visitors decide (consciously and subconsciously) whether they can trust your site, whether they sympathize ("like it") it or not. They need to quickly understand what is it that you are offering to them. Is it what they need or not, does it spark any interest in them or not, and where to click to finalize their order.


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