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Are you looking for Microsoft Certified Professionals in Hungary?

Microsoft certified professionals in Hungary

Microsoft Certified Professionals in HungaryMicrosoft Certified Professionals in Hungary. Yes, a lot of Hungarian individuals can proudly display their multiple MCP certifications. Whether it's Windows networking professionals, system administrators, database administrators, developers or business consultants with a variety of lucrative MCP titles.

We would like to review the state of Microsoft certified professionals in Hungary, and perhaps in Budapest, the capital city in particular. 

Budapest Hungary has been, and is an ongoing scene of rapid development in the world of IT, web development, new innovative startups and a home to multiple great companies that make use of Microsoft technologies. Achieving a Microsoft certification was always considered a way to distinguish oneself as an exceptional professional that is willing to learn and display expertise and specialization in a particular field. Microsoft certifications are highly valued by IT professionals and their employees all over the world, and in Hungary too.

Microsoft certifications as we see them

Microsoft has many types of IT certification programs available. They are very well known for their MCP, MCST, MCSE and MCSD titles.

Some certifications were created for the networking and systems administrators, the famous MCSA and MCSE titles are known since the early days of the Internet. They are considered a very solid asset to both the holder of that kind of certification and to the company that employs one such certification holder.

The Microsoft database certificaion track is also well known for it's high demand in the enterprise, with certifications available on Microsoft SQL server where it includes administration of the database server, designing a data warehouse, designing solutions for the SQL server,  SQL server database development.

Another track, which is relatively new in database certifications is the Business Intelligence, where a certification is designed around developing Business Intelligence solutions for Microsoft SQL Server.

There are more different types of Microsoft certifications available, which are useful and valuable too, but they fall outside of the scope of our review, while the main focus that we would like to give here is on Microsoft developer ceretifications. 

Microsoft C# developers Hungary
Microsoft developer certifications are designed for IT professionals focused on software development, mainly in Microsoft Windows environments. Whether it's Windows Server, Azure cloud or desktop and mobile. The famous developer certifications at Microsoft used to be the MCAD (Microsoft certified application developer) and the MCSD, the certified solutions developer.

Our special focus here is on Microsoft .NET Framework certifications, with series of exams designed to prove competence in development of server side components, fundamental knowledge of software development techniques in .NET, programming against the SQL server database, web development with Javascript, HTML5  and CSS3, MVC, Web services, Web APIs, and many other interesting new technologies from Microsoft like Silverlight, WCF and WPF - all being parts of the .NET Framework big family (except Javascript, HTML5 and CSS). The above Microsoft developer certifications used to be in two main variants, either for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, or the new and exciting C#.

Microsoft C# in HungaryThanks and due to many factors, Microsoft C# has become the mainstream and number one programming language in the .NET IT industry. Proof of high demand are the never ending job offerings for Microsoft C# developers in Budapest Hungary. Headhunter offices, HR departments and large employment agencies are both seeking and offering jobs for C# developers all around Hungary. It's been the case in the last 10 years, and just growing. Microsoft C# developer jobs in Budapest. ASP.NET web developer job in Budapest Hungary, Senior ASP.NET web developer needed... headlines like this. Software developer (C#, ASP.NET) - it's so pleasing to see that the market for .NET technologies in Hungary has become so large and dynamic.

Are you looking for a C# web developer job in Budapest Hungary? Please read below and contact us for details.

We, at Micora.Net Kft have been offering web development services using Microsoft ASP.NET and C#, development of server components for IIS web server and server side, back-end programming with .NET, CMS and web content management solutions (all with C# and .NET) since the earliest days of this great and exciting technology.

Web development with Visual Studio is a pure enjoyment. Micora.Net Kft is happy to employ certified professionals with MCAD and MCSD certifications. (Microsoft certified solutions developers and certified application developers.) Due to their extensive training, knowledge and expertise we were able to offer cutting-edge web solutions to our clients, as well as enjoy them ourselves.

Check here for the Latest on Microsoft IT certifications

Microsoft certification centers in Budapest

There are many test centers where it is possible to take Microsoft Certification Exams in Budapest. Official testing centers like Prometric and Pearson Vue are both present in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Below is a very short list of places, where people are able to take Microsoft exams for certification as well as special training courses towards becoming a certified professional. The list of test centers is provided with no preference towards each one and in no particular order.
Prometric test centers in Budapest, Hungary
1. NetAcademia
2. IQSoft John Bryce
3. Masterfield
4. Szamalk 
5. Fors-Itis
6. Training 360

And there's more! The "vast" amount of certification training and testing centers in Budapest, in our view are an evidence for the high demand in the industry for Microsoft certified IT professionals.

Where to find Microsoft certified professionals in Budapest Hungary?

Who needs MCPs?

What kind of Microsoft Certified professionals are in a high demand?

We will answer these questions as soon as our research will be ready with up-to date information, on the state of affairs with Microsoft Certification Professionals in Hungary as of May 2015.

Below is one of the many Microsoft certifications in our company that we are proud to display:

MCSD Early achiever certification of a Micora.Net Kft employeeAn MCSD, early achiever certification that was earned in the city of Budapest, Hungary, back in 2003. 
Signed by Bill Gates, mind you :)

MCAD charter member, Microsoft certification - one of 5,000 charter membersMCAD charter member - one of 5,000 MCAD charter members certification that was also earned by one of our developers, here in Budapest back in 2003. We still wonder whether Bill Gates in himself has signed both of them. Probably not :)

Micora.Net Kft is employing Microsoft certified developers. We maintain a list of Hungarian MCP's that are willing to receive interesting job offers and invitations to participate in various projects on demand and perhaps as freelancers as well. 

Are you one of the proud Hungarian MCP's? Would you like to participate in various interesting projects as a developer?

Write to us and we will get back to you with a friendly reply.

If you'd ask us "Why Microsoft?", "Why .NET"? (Over the other widely accepted technologies in the Hungarian world of IT, like open source Linux and PHP programming, or even perhaps Perl, Python or Java?) Here is our statement on this: 

What we think of IEA small rant, just before praising : 
As web developers who were forced to deal with it daily and for many years in a row, every mention of Internet Explorer (IE) somewhere deep within is awakening feelings of anger and utter despair. IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, etc... (where is the sickness bag, please?) Microsoft just released it's new Spartan browser that should make some things better, all we have to say to it is - stay away from us, punk!

From the other hand, we do recognize the positive impact of Internet Explorer's big failure towards finally accepting the need for International web development standards.

Nowadays we rarely look back at IE (yes, it has hurt us so much) and statistical data is revealing the fact that more and more people are switching away from using IE for anything more than downloading a good working browser. Good job.

Our choise of Microsoft.NET techology as the main tool and area of expertise came naturally due to the fact that back in those days, that is about 15 years ago - Linux computing, Perl and PHP (CGI) programming were big on the IT arena. Java (SUN Microsystems) was developing as a very promising programming language (and technology) especially for the rapidly growing mobile industry, all these technologies were not yet mature and in our view were too complex to be picked by the small businesses. Microsoft .NET developers HungaryYes, we are trying to say that the technologies that were available and popular back in those days were far from being friendly and affordable for the large majority of small businesses that were being created. The growth of the Internet, the World Wide Web, search engines and new websites have forced many small businesses to try and align themselves with the modern demands. Then, around the year 2002 came the new shiny Microsoft .NET framework. We immedeately realized that this is a revolutionary new technology that is totally worth investing to in the long run.

We saw that Microsoft .NET has a great potential and we realized that it was our calling. We have jumped in the first wagon!

Today, more than ever before Microsoft .NET shines with new brilliant idas and exciting developments with the upcoming changes as the .NET Core stack (ASP.NET vNext and alike). We just love Microsoft .NET in 2015!