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Web development practice and technology overview at Micora.Net Kft

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Our company was established by experienced web developers, who were building and maintaining sites of various complexity since early days of world wide web. Our developers are Microsoft certified professionals and are skilled in multiple online technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C# and CSS. We have our tricks and tips ready to be shared with our customers.

Below is an overview of main technologies and practices in which we expertise:

Microsoft ASP.Net developer in Budapest Hungary1. On the server side, we mainly work in a Microsoft Windows environment, designing software with Microsoft .NET Framework, C# and open source components. We have a special methodology for developing secure and super fast websites with ASP.NET. Web forms, MVC and Web Api.

2. Front-end is done with latest in HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and Javascript frameworks such as jQuery and it's various plugins. Here too, we have a special method for creating sites that load fast, are easy to maintain and work accross all sorts of Internet connected devices - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

We build and optimize web site templates that follow the webmaster guidelines by Google, implementing on-page markup for better search engine visibility. We can help you choose, purchase and customize web site templates from TemplateMonster.

Amazon web services (AWS) developer company in Hungary3. We are experienced in working with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and many of their systems such as Amazon EC2 for virtual cloud servers, Route 53 for DNS, SES for email and newsletter distribution, Amazon S3 and the Amazon Product Advertising API for affiliate marketing solutions in association with Amazon. If you need an Amazon AWS consultant in Budapest Hungary then give us a try.

4. When needed, we will use the Google Cloud Platform and Google API's to integrate with YouTube, Google Maps, Google Translate services and other, more specialized programming interfaces. With these we can enrich your social presence, create sophisticated mashups and solutions that involve Big Data.

5. We utilize open source components - such as Apache Lucene.Net for building ultra fast and efficient search engine and classification systems, JSON.NET to work with data and exchaning information between services, as well as many others.

We do not offer PHP programming or web development on Linux, but with the most recent news of Microsoft creating and releasing it's latest, open-source products - ASP.NET vNext (name subject to change in the future) and the .NET Core stack, we are hoping to be able to provide portable cross-platform solutions that can be hosted under Linux and/or Mac. All in the near future!

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